Stanislas Dupré initiated the 2° Investing Initiative and now serves as Global Director.

Previously Stanislas Dupré was Executive Director of Utopies (CSR consultancy) after a career as CSR consultant and R&D manager. Stanislas has been working on 2° investing topics since 2007 when he developed the first assessment methodology for ’financed emissions’ of banks and diversified portfolios (for Caisse d’Epargne/Natixis, the ADEME, WWF and Friends of the Earth). In 2010, he wrote a book about the role of financial institutions in financing the energy transition.

Stanislas is also Non-Executive Director of a green private equity fund (NEF-CEM), lecturer at Paris-Dauphine University and member on the expert committees of the NYSE-Euronext Low-Carbon Index and Novethic.

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