Jakob Thomae currently works as the Director for the 2° Investing Initiative (2°ii), where he manages the London and Berlin office and leads the SEI metrics and ET Risk projects. Jakob has authored and co-authored a number of studies for 2°ii, including on 2°C portfolio methodologies, benchmark index investing, stress-testing long-term and carbon risks, artificial short-termism, the role of financial regulatory policies in shifting private capital to climate-friendly investments, and financed emissions methodologies. He contributed research as part of the 2014 IEA World Energy Outlook Special Report on Investments and lead a Sub Working Group on "Landscaping carbon risks for financial intermediaries" as part of the UNEP-Fi/GHG-Protocol financial sector guidance on measuring GHG-emissions. Jakob graduated with a Masters cum laude degree from Sciences Po Paris and Beijing University and is currently pursuing his PhD at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers on the implications of climate change for financial portfolios