Brendan is a Junior Analyst at the New York office of the 2° Investing Initiative.

Brendan is working on the ‘Tragedy of the Horizon’ project in collaboration with the Generation Foundation. Previously, Brendan worked as a business development analyst at ENER-G Rudox, building financial models for distributed generation power purchase agreements. In this role he advised the Business Council on Sustainable Energy on the cogeneration market for their Sustainable Energy in America Fact Book.

Prior to that, Brendan worked as a solar development analyst at Skyview Ventures, supporting the development of solar PV arrays for municipal and corporate end users. He researched new markets for solar development both domestically and abroad, assessing utility distributed generation policies and public incentives. He also assisted financial partners with their due diligence, securing over $600,000 in grants and loans for solar PV power purchase agreements.

Brendan graduated cum laude with a BA in Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought from Amherst College.